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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Global Warming

Have u ever noticed that winters are not so cold now-a-days!

The main cause of this is Global warming!-Global warming is the rise of the temperature on the surface of Earth. AND what is causing this rise in temperature? WE HUMANS OF-COURSE!

The cause of the warming is the GREENHOUSE EFFECT- gases of organic chemicals(Methane, Carbon dioxide etc) when released in the atmosphere absorb a lot of heat and also stop the heat of Earth from escaping it that make Earth hotter. emission of these gasses are increasing day by day.

only ways to decrease is the control of these emission and growing forest.

if we don't take action, we are only to suffer!!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Electrical Charges

Positive Charge - A positive charge is obtained by a body when it loses electrons or gains a proton . The positively charged ion is also known as cation . The process of losing electrons is also known as oxidation . Elements to the left of the periodic table are electro-positive and lose electrons easily to become cation . When in the state of cation . Its ion's atomic radius decreases . Examples of such highly electro-positive elements are Lithium , Sodium , Potassium , Rubidium , Cesium . Even gaining proton makes atoms or molecules positively charged . Like when acids are added to water . Water gains a H+ ions or basically a proton to become a cation .
Negative Charge - A negative charged is obtained by a body when it gains electrons or loses protons . The negatively charged ion is also known as anion . The process of gaining electrons is also known as reduction . Elements to the right of the periodic table are electro-negative and tend to pull electrons towards itself . When they are in the state of anion , their atomic size generally increases . Examples of such highly electro-negative elements include fluorine , chlorine , oxygen , nitrogen etc. Even when they lose protons like in Acids with a hydrogen atom and an electro-negative atom , when the bond breaks , the hydrogen is released but then the electro-negative atom pulls the electron from hydrogen and becomes a anion and the proton is given away .

Common properties : Both positive and negatively charged body interact with magnetism . When these charged particles are moved , they tend to create a magnetic field , when entering an external magnetic field , they both experience a  force , if entering perpendicularly to the magnetic field , they start revolving in a circle . The state of these ions is plasma , they show conductive properties just like metals as they carry charge . These ions also glow when electricity is passed through them . 

Saturday, 25 January 2014


For any known PRIME number greater than 10 and less than infinity , adding the digits of the number will make the sum to be

NOTE : This rule NOT applicable for proving a number as prime but it is used to verify a PRIME number

Example:  1601(prime)
                1+6+0+1 = 8

                25(not prime)
                2+5 = 7

Thursday, 26 December 2013



To find a2, we can use the following formula :-

a2 = (a+b)(a-b)+b2
b can be any number


This formula is useful to find squares of numbers like 99

992 = (99+1)(99-1)+12

Done fast, easily, and accurately!!!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


If a number x is a square of another number y then the square of  y+1 is {x+(2y+1)}


10242 =1048576 then [1048576+{(2*1024)+1}]=1050625=10252

Scientific Universe

Scientific Universe